Meet the Crew

H.M. Harper - Director

Hannah grew up throughout the United States.  Beginning her life on the East Coast, Hannah moved to Hawaii for part of grade school, and then moved to Provo, UT until the end of her junior year of high school.  After completing her senior year in Jerusalem, Israel, she came back to the United States to attend BYU, where she studies Media Arts.  

To see her film portfolio, visit her website, H.M. Harper Media.

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Tree Yager - Producer, Executive Producer

Tree (yes, that’s his real name) is a 20 year-old producer who happens to find himself roaming through Netflix for hours on end. He is passionate about working with a diverse set of filmmakers to create visual stories that reflect the emotional world around him. One of his guilty pleasures is to create stories in The Sims, which might often feature a vampire roaming around undetected. Tree will work closely with his crew to ensure that Chasing Ghosts gets all of the love it deserves, making it one of the greatest films of our day.

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Scott Salvesen - Writer, Associate Producer

Born in Durban, South Africa and hailing mostly from Johannesburg, Scott immigrated to Provo, Utah in 2006 with his family. He is an Outdoor Recreation student at Utah Valley University. He has a passion for writing, and is the author of the low-fantasy series, Shepherd of Fire. Chasing Ghosts is his first screenplay.

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